3 Ways Facebook In Belize Is Behind

3 Ways Facebook In Belize Is Behind. 

Not many know, or perhaps have noticed but Facebook tends to role out global updates by geolocations. Let’s just say that Belize is not on anyone’s priority list, certainly not on Facebook. For many digital marketeers these digital updates are crucial to increase competitiveness.

Here are 3 Facebook features yet to roll out in Belize. (As of the time of this blog published)

Facebook watch is Facebook’s way of competing with other content creators. Now not that Facebook is short on content but this is a new content category they know they have little to no market on. Netflix, Apple TV and HULU have dominated digital video streaming for the past couple of years and well Facebook wants a piece of the pie.  Unfortunately for Belize this Facebook feature which allows your friends to connect with you base on the TV shows you watch is not yet available locally in Belize. Cross our fingers we get this feature soon.
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You guessed it right Facebook wants in on this cookie jar too. Facebook has seen how profitable, popular and scam-my local “Buy & Sells” not only in Belize but globally, these groups/fan pages have become.  In the USA i still see the privately own and operated Buy & Sells are still operational, however soon Facebook may start pushing their very own Facebook Market Places over the normal “Buy & Sells. Let’s wait and see here what happens next.
Facebook Live:
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For many of the Belizean Marketeers, it may be great news to hear this new feature, which again hasn’t role out in Belize. Tagging friends on your live streams. Now we find this exciting as this clearly allows you to amplify your reach by tagging friends. Tagging a Page won’t send notifications to people who like the Page. There is no feature to allow you to stream live video from one Page to another.

Tip for when this feature launches in Belize: Tagging a video on Facebook identifies the friends that the video features. Each tagged friend receives a notification, and the video appears on their profile’s “Photos and Videos” section. The video also appears on their timeline and on their friends’ news feeds. Tagging a video that your company releases can therefore help promote it to many people on Facebook. To expand the video’s reach, you can even tag contacts who don’t appear in the video.

Many Brands in Belize are yet to experiment a bit more with Facebook live and we do encourage brands to exercise their creative freedoms.

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